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Lionfish Round-up Registration!

Welcome to the Lionfish Round-up 2013!
This year we are starting the registration in the month of May with a kickoff party in June. All participants will be collecting their Lionfish for a duration of four months with the Grande Finale at the Captains meeting for the 2nd annual Englewood Open Spearfishing Tournament on September 20, 2013. As soon as you are registered you may start the roundup.  All lionfish caught will be stored by you in your freezer or email Lynn Wagenseil at to arrange a pick up.
Summary of rules for the 2013 Lionfish Roundup Section:
 1 Safety First: This is a recreational event. We are here primarily to enjoy each others company. Do not push your training limits or violate safe practice. The Englewood Open Lionfish Roundup recommends that no competitors exceed the recreational diving limit of 130 feet and especially the maximum depth for which you are properly trained.
2. No Diver is officially entered in the tournament until the Englewood Open Lionfish Roundup has received a properly filled out and legibly printed –Waiver, Registration, and all fees have been paid. Englewood Open Lionfish Roundup has the right to reject an applicant.
3. Tournament Kick-Off Party:  This event is open to anyone who wants to be a guest or participant of the efforts to protect our reefs from this native predatorTBA.
4. Lionfish Roundup Tournament Date:  Start as soon as you register begining May 1st and continuing on as a four month duration concluding on the Captains meeting of the Englewood Spearfishing Tournament, September 20th, 2013.
Spearfishing  limits:  All fish must be speared between Dawn & Dusk, from the registration sign up starting in a May till September 20th, 2013.  No Lionfiah may be gutted.  You aare allowed to filet you fish prior to freezing.  During this four month Roundup due to the sole purpose of saving our reefs and native fish, the Demographics of killing the Lionfish are waived. 
Weigh-in begins:  Friday, September 20th, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Awards:  The awards given will be First place:  The most Lionfish caught, the longest and the shortest. 
Saturday, September 21st, 2013 approximately 6:00 PM
6. Prizes & Awards: Trophies and prizes will be awarded on Saturday, starting at approximately 6pm, September 21st, at Stump Pass Marina.  These prizes are a bonus for the participants and the amount and type of prizes is dictated by the generosit\ of our sponsors. These are randomly picked drawings. All participants have an equal chance to win a prize. Participant must be present to accept a prize. Only one pick for each participant regardless of the number of events they have entered.
7. Eligibility:  Both men and women divers are welcome to participate. Divers under the age of 18 MUST have a signed release from their legal guardian. This is a “Good Sportsmanship Tournament”; therefore, any individual who is or has been deemed by the Englewood Open Lionfish Roundup to have exhibited “Un-sportsmanlike” behavior in any previous competition is prohibited from being eligible to enter this event.
No Diver is officially entered in the tournament until the Englewood Open Lionfish Roundup has received a properly filled out Waiver, Registration, and all fees have been paid.

Price:   $50.00 
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