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Gray Matter Enterprises presents:
Sheena Brook
With the perfect mix of professional and playful, Sheena Brook is bursting onto the local music scene to challenge what you thought you knew about this talented artist. Gone now are the R & B and hip hop beats that first drew our attention when she debuted as solo artist “Jubilee.” In her new solo venture, Sheena Brook is breaking the shackles of the alternative sound of former band “Fellowbliss” and returning to her roots.

“Ain’t Gonna Mess Around” reveals a new side of Sheena Brook, exploring her country roots with the right mix of alternative and hip hop, with this album we get to meet the woman Sheena Brook has grown up to be. Together with her writing partner, Scott Krehling, Sheena Brook serves up some serious musical genius with the raw emotional lyrics that give us just a glimpse at the road she has walked to get here. Not one for being too serious, Sheena Brook brings a sense of humor to her work and live performances that keep fans begging for more.

When not at work on her music, you will find Sheena Brook doing something completely nerdy. An avid comic book enthusiast and die-hard Buffy fan, Sheena Brook loves spending time with nerds like her. The moment you think you have her figured out, you will learn something mind-numbingly awesome about this one of a kind performer that will lead further down the rabbit hole.

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